About Life Springs Recovery Services

Welcome to our about Life Springs Recovery Services drug addiction, alcoholism and dual diagnosis recovery programs, information and services page. As recovered ex-problem alcohol drinkers and drug users, we have suffered from chronic relapse and have been where you are. This brought us together to create this very unique program of recovery. An addiction recovery program unlike any other. We want what you want, an affordable, pet friendly, homelike, personalized care drug addiction, alcoholism treatment and dual diagnosis recovery program. Complete with medical detox services, holistic treatment, and spiritual healing components, services and practices that have proven effective in the field of chemical dependency treatment and dual diagnosis disorder treatment for many years. We have been able to establish one of the most effective, successful, lasting addiction recovery programs in the industry. What is it about Life Springs Recovery Services that makes us unique? We all absolutely live to help others recover from addiction. We provide a very special place for those who suffer from various aspects of addiction and dual diagnosis disorders to recover, and we only network with those who are about Life Springs Recovery Services client goals.

More about Life Springs Recovery Services: We are not only an affordable premiere residential addiction and dual diagnosis recovery program, we are also a free addiction treatment, and referral services center. We are not a conventional institutional treatment facility. We offer custom tailored personalized care recovery services and programs that virtually span the entire spectrum from intervention and detox on through the recovery process. It’s not what we say about Life Springs Recovery Services that matters, rather what our past clients and their families have to say about Life Springs Recovery Services. 80% of our clients have recovered and remain that way.

What is even more impressive about Life Springs Recovery Services is that “we specialize in treating the whole person“. We have the effective understanding that comes from years of experience to combine a variety of services that treat all types of addictive and dual diagnosis disorders in a way that no one else does. The mere fact that we offer affordable comprehensive solutions for all types of drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, co-dependency, process addictions, dual diagnosis disorders, and more, should make us attractive enough? However, there is more about Life Springs Recovery Services; such as our ability to build a rapport of love and trust with our clients who suffer from trauma, P.T.S.D., depression, anxiety and other co-occurring disorders, along with addiction. This, about Life Springs Recovery Services, truly is very special. We are located in semi-secluded areas of Palm Springs CA and have network locations throughout CA and across the U.S. Our recovery community is centered in a very organic holistic healing supportive atmosphere that promotes lasting recovery.

About Life Springs Recovery Services Mission: “In our nation, over 27 million people battle with drug abuse. The recovery community is now more than 5 million strong. The illness of addiction and dual diagnosis is complex. Our treatment and recovery staff has over thirty years of experience treating a variety of addictive disorders. All of us including the addiction medicine specialists recognize that taking the first phase of recovery is the most difficult. “At Life Springs Recovery Services we hope to make a difference in the world of chemical dependency by providing programs with all the amenities, resources, love, professionalism, reassurance, ease, comfort and support to help others who suffer to lasting recovery”.

Most of all about Life Springs Recovery Services we believe that no two persons or their illness of addiction are exactly alike. That’s why we believe in tailoring the recovery program and services uniquely to each individual, physically, mentally and spiritually and to do whatever it takes to do so. Our locations are near many natural healing resources, mountain views, wonderful natural surroundings. We are just minutes away from any and all major California cities and attractions. This way we can help our clients get back to enjoying life as they recover.

About Life Springs Recovery Services holistic approach; this recovery component provides an opportunity for our clients to pause, relax and be rejuvenated. We offer private rooms, a pet friendly homelike environment, excellent food services, along with a wide variety of individualized amenities and services to enhance the recovery experience, to support the opportunity to explore a new healthy lifestyle.

Please feel free to look through our site to learn more about Life Springs Recovery Services progressive program of recovery programs, locations, staff and amenities. If you do not find answers to your questions on the site, please email us or feel free to call us anytime to speak with us about Life Springs Recovery Services. We are usually available 24/7 (800) 746-0937. We look forward to being of maximum service to you and or your loved ones.