About Life Springs Recovery Services

Welcome, thank you for visiting “about Life Springs Recovery Services”. We are an alternative, private and personalized, pet friendly, CA drug addiction, alcoholism and dual diagnosis recovery home program. What’s different about Life Springs Recovery Services? This program was created by a caring and professional team of addiction recovery specialists who live to help those who suffer from chemical dependency and mental health disorders, recover. Some of our outstanding network of treatment providers include: Medical Doctor who has specialized in addiction medicine for more than 30 years. An excellent Psycho-dynamic PhD Psychologist. a phenomenally wonderful PhD therapeutic Psychiatrist. All three of whom specialize in addiction and dual diagnosis recovery therapy and healing not just medicine. Of course the team also consists of addiction recovery specialists whom themselves have suffered from various dependencies, have recovered, and now live to help others recover from addiction and co-morbidity disorders. Then there are various spiritual, holistic and fitness wellness practitioners. All of us have a heart after helping those who suffer from various addictions to recover and continually get better.

Of course It’s not what we say about Life Springs Recovery Services that matters most. Whats most important is that 80% of our clients have recovered and remain that way.

More about Life Springs Recovery Services. We are not just another drug addiction, alcoholism and or dual diagnosis treatment centerWe cannot over emphasize that we treat the whole person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our recovery homes are safe, loving and caring, homelike therapeutic environments. We do more than our utmost to make all of the therapeutic recovery tools and services available to each and every individual.

To continue about Life Springs Recovery Services total wellness programs. Our experience shows that more often than not, alcoholism, drug abuse, and various mental health disorders, can just be symptoms of a much deeper internal illness. Therefore, it is imperative that we provide each individual with a thorough historical physical, mental, emotional and spiritual evaluation. Including examining spiritual and belief systems. In order to determine the most effective course of services and amenities each person needs to recover. Although we offer short term programs, we prefer our clients make a minimum 90-120-day commitment for maximum results. We offer many incentives to do so. Finally, about Life Springs Recovery Services, we only work with a few at a time so that staff and services to client ratio is at maximum peak. Homelike, pet friendly, around the clock personalized care. Maximum service and personal attention. Thoroughly detailed and comprehensive, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual assessments and services. All of these and more are proven to be attractive solutions that help lead a man or woman to permanent recovery. This is what Life Springs Recovery Services is all about. Please call us now to learn more about Life Springs Recovery Services and our specialized personal recovery programs.