Addiction Rehabilitation Center – Drug Addiction – Alcoholism – Dual Diagnosis

Welcome to the best free addiction rehabilitation center, alcoholism treatment, drug addiction rehab centers, and dual diagnosis treatment resource in California. We specialize in being the best addiction rehabilitation, and addiction treatment center program for your specific needs. Life Springs Recovery Services realizes that you want the best addiction rehabilitation center for you and or your loved ones needs.  We also know that not everyone can afford the cost of an addiction treatment center. Drug addiction, alcoholism, and or dual diagnosis disorder treatment can be expensive. At Life Springs Recovery Services we will spend as much time helping each and every caller find and get the very best care they can. Whether you have little or no resources we can and will help you. We have an extensive list of Nationwide and California addiction treatment center, addiction rehabilitation center, and sober living home network resources. Life Springs Recovery Services offers men’s drug rehab programs, women’s drug rehab, Christian men’s drug rehab, all faith drug rehab, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and services for most anyone. 

Addiction Rehabilitation Center – Programs & Referral Services

• Affordable Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers – Couples Addiction Rehabilitation Programs DUI Referral Services – Drug Court Mandated Programs
• Affordable Pet Friendly Drug & Alcohol Recovery Homes 
• Medical Detox Services That Include: Medicine Assisted Therapy such as Suboxone for Opiate Addiction. Benzodiazepine Addiction Treatment, Barbiturate Addiction Help, Alcoholism Detox, Pain Management Help, and More.
Holistic Medicine Addiction Treatments & Addiction Treatment Services.
• Dual Diagnosis Psychiatric Medicine & Therapy Services.
• Sober Living Homes Continuum of Care Addiction Recovery Programs.
Intervention/Outreach/Family Liaison Services 24/7.
• Individual Customized Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment/Recovery Plans & Programs.
Addiction Therapy Services Including 12 Step and Non 12 Step, T.M.S. Therapy, P.T.S.D. Therapeutic Programs & More
• One on One Therapy/Counseling Services.
• Group Therapy/Counseling Services Included.
• Adolescent Addiction Rehabilitation Referral Services.
• Alternative Sentencing Programs.
• Sober Companion/Coach Services.
Aftercare/Family Therapy Services.

Addiction Rehabilitation Center – Programs & Referral Services

With so many addiction rehabilitation center programs and services, it really is nice to have someone that can help you find the right fit for you. Life Springs Recovery Services is here for you. 

Our CA addiction rehabilitation center and drug and alcohol recovery home referral services are free. It’s not easy to find a program that treats the “Whole Person”, not just the symptoms of addiction or alcoholism. Life Springs Recovery Services, only refers people to addiction rehabilitation center programs that do and have the highest success rate for lasting recovery. You do not have to relapse! Don’t do this alone, our addiction rehabilitation center referral services are free. Call Life Springs Recovery Services addiction rehabilitation center today at (800) 746-0937 and let us connect you with the addiction treatment center or recovery home that is best for your specific needs.

Addiction Rehabilitation Center | Alcohol & Drug Rehab