Holistic medicine addiction recovery services at Life Springs Recovery Services is about combining conventional addiction medicine with, love, understanding, nutrition, fitness, yoga, spiritual practices, spa therapeutic services and and more, to bring about a balanced  mind, body, and spirit. Holistic medicine is all about treating the authentic core of the human being. Holistic medicine added to the process of recovery uncover the roots of addiction and foster the beginning of long-term healing. Some of us working in the field of chemical dependency have the fundamental belief that if such roots are ignored, then true lasting recovery is difficult to achieve. Holistic medicine gives patients basic tools for healthy living to nurture their path of recovery and toward a brighter, happier life. We have found that people with addictive disorders are often highly intelligent, creative, gifted, and truly exceptional individuals. But getting them to come to believe that for themselves, is the key. Holistic medicine & other forms of addiction therapeutic processes has profound, positive lasting healing abilities.

Holistic Medicine Addiction Recovery Life Springs

This recovery philosophy is simple; to help the client wake up to all aspects of their being, and to encourage them to face, treat, and heal their complete self. Life Springs “holistic medicine addiction recovery” mission; is to help our clients be healthy and happy… without the need for chemical interference or losing their individuality in the process. The intention here is to make the recovery process relaxing, engaging, healing, and memorable. Holistic medicine addiction recovery believes everyone deserves the opportunity to live a happy life – free of addiction.
The comprehensive approach of Life Springs Recovery Services holistic medicine addiction recovery is easy to understand, and provides a wonderful clarity to the program. Life Springs strives to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms of addiction, alcoholism, and or dual diagnosis disorders. Life Springs’ approach to recovery and our addiction treatment team creates a wonderfully personalized holistic medicine addiction recovery program for each clients.

The purpose of personalized holistic medicine addiction recovery and treatment plans, is to address the specific needs of the individual.
A holistic health perspective is based on the concept that all aspects of a client’s needs — psychological, physical, spiritual and social — should be taken into account and viewed as a whole. Holistic medicine addiction recovery focuses on all facets of human functioning, which involves teaching the client to learn to follow through and take responsibility for ultimately maintaining their well-being.

By adding these recovery treatments we actually treat the whole person. Life Springs holistic medicine addiction recovery services uncovers the roots of the disease and fosters the beginning of long-term healing. Life Springs believes that if such roots are ignored, then true lasting sobriety is rare. Holistic medicine addiction recovery is the beginning process where each client develops basic tools of healthy, balanced sober living, and lasting recovery usually follows. Life Springs Recovery Services fosters the path of clients recovery that eventually will be extended by a new practiced daily regiment of healthy living, that replaces the old unhealthy one. To learn more about Life Springs holistic medicine addiction recovery programs call (800) 746-0937.

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