Medical Detox Suboxone Therapy – Opiate Addiction Treatment

Life Springs Recovery Services medical detox Suboxone therapy for opiate addiction treatment. Medicines like Suboxone not only help the opiate dependent person through the detox process safely, but also more humanely and comfortably. Medical detox Suboxone therapy at Life Springs Recovery Services is a highly effective and successful way of helping opiate addicted persons recover and return to enjoying life. Many opiate dependent persons cannot recover because the withdrawal symptoms are just to excruciating. Medical detox Suboxone therapy is one of the most amazing medical detox advancements in the last decade or so. Utilizing various methods of addiction medicine assisted therapy, under the care of the right experienced addiction medicine physician, many opiate and or heroin addicts can recover and remain that way. Suboxone type of treatments have proven to reduce, and in many cases almost eliminate, the common withdrawal symptoms so familiar to many struggling opiate addicts. Medical detox Suboxone therapy is a valuable resource in the course of guiding a client from a state of opiate, alcohol or poly substance dependency, into a new recovered life.

Medical Detox Suboxone Therapy – Opiate Addiction Treatment

Addiction Medicine Therapy Medications:

For those entering our pet friendly addiction recovery program with an active addiction to Opiates and/or Opioid based drugs, whether street or prescription drugs, such as; heroin, Vicodin, etc. Life Springs Recovery Services medical detox Suboxone therapy system involves a combination of medical detox suboxone therapy and holistic treatment protocols as determined most appropriate by a team of highly regarded addiction medicine professionals.

Medical Detox Suboxone Therapy – Opiate Addiction Treatment

Overseen by a leading medical detox suboxone therapy physician specializing in addiction medicine and co-morbidity disorders. Who holds a certification by the American Board of Addiction Medicine as well as a Diplomat of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Each new client receives the most thorough and comprehensive medical and psycho-social evaluation possible. Our clients can thus receive the best medical detox Suboxone care possible in our multifaceted detox program. This involves Suboxone (buprenorphine H Cl and naloxone H Cl), for opiate abuse, and non invasive anti-anxiety medication for benzodiazepines, and medications such as Librium for alcohol detox, etc. Suboxone, however has been coined a “wonder drug” for those all too familiar with the horrendous withdrawal symptoms common to opiate addiction. When medical detox Suboxone therapy is combined with a  holistic medicine treatment approach that encompasses body, mind & spirit, our clients are experiencing tremendous long-term recovery results! Our detox services are 100% customized to the client’s precise needs and patterns of abuse.

Whether your addiction is limited to one classification of drugs or a combination thereof. An initial medical detox Suboxone therapy diagnosis coupled with frequent follow-ups is standard procedure. This is intended to help you or your loved one succeed over the long-term. Whether you are suffering from alcoholism, Benzodiazepine addiction in the form of Valium and Xanax abuse, or struggling with opiate addiction and everything in between. A steady and comfortable medical detox Suboxone therapy transition awaits you at our Life Springs medical detox Suboxone therapy pet friendly drug and alcohol rehab Palm Springs CA.

Our addiction medicine detox program offers quality effective personalized treatment & recovery services for but is not limited to; Vicodin and other opiate addictions such as (heroin, Oxycontin, fentanyl, etc.) prescription drug abuse and addiction (Xanax, Valium, Ativan, diazepam, etc.) and more.

Coupled within the medicine assisted therapy services is an array of added components geared to further propel the treatment client into their journey of recovery. Life Springs Recovery Services medical detox Suboxone therapy is strategically designed to utilize all available tools in a manner that literally catapults the the detox client into the recovery process.  Call (800) 746-0937 to learn more.