Mental Addiction Treatment

Mental Addiction Treatment Psychotherapy Processes

Effective mental addiction treatment processes such as psychotherapy, and quite often psychiatric medicine and therapy are needed to help someone to recovery. Mental recovery processes must be introduced immediately following and sometimes even during the detox phase of addiction treatment. The main problem of the person suffering from chemical dependency, centers in the mind. “No one ever takes the first drink or drug drunk or high”! This must be the primary focus in the addict’s recovery from addiction and or alcoholism. “Once more “abusing drugs and or alcohol are only symptoms of the disease of addiction“. If someone is going to establish a life-long foundation of recovery, the whole person; the body, mind and spirit, must be treated. How do we treat or apply this mental addiction treatment to the mind of a chronic alcohol or drug user? What is the process for mental addiction treatment? First; it is important to understand what addiction or alcoholism is? It is a chronic (re-occurring-long lasting) illness of the mind (obsessions, delusions, etc.), the body (cravings, abnormal reactions, etc.), and the spirit or spiritual malady (lack of power or emotional instability, feelings of inadequacy, fear, anxiety, etc. sober). When viewed in this way it is easier to understand and comprehend the mental addiction treatment processes. Once the body is detoxed and separated from the chemicals, we must address the various symptoms of mental illness associated with addiction and introduce psycho-dynamic therapeutic processes. “Psychic Change” or “Mind Change” therapy is not complicated at all, in fact it is relatively simple. The difficulty lies in getting the addict to be honest with themselves. Let’s take the obsession for example: “this constant thought of the substance and the affect produced by it that the chronic alcoholic and or addict is preoccupied with, regardless of his or her consequences or circumstances”. After a person gets sober this mental condition is usually the number one UN-checked cause for relapse. Mental addiction treatment is simply about getting the person to admit he or she has this symptom, and with this understanding and admission, the recovery process can begin in this area. Life Springs Recovery Services understands how to integrate this mental addiction treatment process into the recovery program. Our success rate for lasting recovery speaks for itself. 

Mental Addiction Treatment Psychotherapy Processes


Mental recovery simply refers to applying specific mental therapeutic processes that leads to “A Psychic Change”, or mind change, (a mental re-arrangement in an individual’s way of thinking and believing sufficient enough to bring about lasting recovery). Mental addiction treatment therapy is simply about helping to bring about an actual change in perception and belief systems. Mental addiction treatment involves the use of various psycho-therapeutic tools and processes that have been around for decades (Dr. Carl Jung, Dr. Harry M. Tiebout, Dr. William D. Silkworth, many others). An honest examination of one’s own doubts and prejudices about spiritual beliefs even life itself. Mental addiction treatment related to the disease of addiction is perhaps the least understood by many, even professionals, but especially those who suffer from chronic relapse. Detox and separation from chemicals can actually leave the person in a worse mental state. What do we mean? Well, if someone took away the only thing that gave you ease and comfort in this world, how would you feel? To learn more about our mental addiction treatment program or for a free confidential assessment please call Life Springs Recovery Services at (800) 746-0937.

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Palm Springs Drug Rehab – Client Testimonies

I have been dealing with alcoholism for may years and I come from a great family. I have had D.U.I's, embarrassed myself and family, over and over. Gone to treatment several times, always do good for while, then get drunk again. I heard it was an illness, but I didn't understand it. But the way Life Springs broke it down. I finally understand why I turn to alcohol for relief, from me. I have a certain condition that has to be treated. Thanks Life Springs Recovery Services, forever.

Valerie OVentura, CA

I didn't even know there were places like this to go to for recovery. Anyone seeking help with any type of addiction definitely needs to call Life Springs.

David DOxnard, CA

At first I thought why do I need to go so far away to get well. Then after experiencing the love, understanding and service I received at Life Springs, I understood. My family and I have been dealing with my meth and ice addiction for years. Now I have recovered! We just had a new baby, I just celebrated 2 years and I help a lot of men on our home island to recovery. How I can I ever thank Life Springs Recovery Services enough?

Dave O.Kauai, HI

My husband was done with me and so was I. Opiates were killing me, I never thought I was gonna recover. Several rehabs and constant relapse. Life Springs Recovery Services helped me understand I have an illness that is 3 fold in nature, the body, mind and spirit are all sick and all have to be treated forever, not just for 30 days. Now I understand. Thanks Life Springs Recovery Services, I am so grateful..

Karen ADana Point, CA - 2 years sober

I couldn't figure out why I always went back to drugs after a period of time sober? I'd go to treatment, do great, then go home, go to meetings, get a job, reassemble my life and family and then, I'd get high. Why? I learned that I have an illness that has to constantly be kept in check. I had resentments and fears that were driving my life. Because of Life Springs Recovery Services I learned that recovery is a life long process. Thanks Life Springs.

Heather TDallas, TX - 18 months clean
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