Addiction Treatment Aftercare & Family Support Services

At Life Springs we understand that addiction treatment aftercare and family support can make a big difference in the failure or success of a clients recovery. Addiction treatment aftercare is about “the process of recovery is not over when a client leaves the residential addiction recovery program“. Actually it’s just a good start. That’s why we include aftercare services in our treatment program at no additional cost. Residential addiction treatment is only the beginning; the process of recovery is ongoing. Reflecting the fellowship theme of the 12 Step programs. Once a client becomes a part of the Life Springs community they are welcome to always remain a part of our sober recovery community. At Life Springs we create custom addiction treatment aftercare programs designed to fit each individual’s needs. At Life Springs an addiction treatment aftercare plan may involve supporting our clients on their return to work, with family, friends or other commitments etc. The Life Springs addiction treatment aftercare model has been developed to provide ongoing support because that’s what recovery and life are, ongoing. Addiction may have affected every aspect of our client’s life. The family, employer/employee relations, and all other social aspects. So, our addiction treatment aftercare program is designed with this in mind.

Included in our aftercare program is alumni mentor support groups. Out-patient services, continued counseling, sober companions and sober transitional housing for additional residential support for clients post treatment. Our addiction treatment aftercare program also provides a client follow up system and we are dedicated to taking part in each client’s continuing wellness. Life Springs addiction treatment aftercare and family support services will also provide support to family members, friends and colleagues. Aftercare can be a vital, a crucial necessary part of the recovery process, not only helping to prevent relapse, but can also assist our clients in molding lifelong sober relationships and building a solid foundation for lasting recovery.

Addiction Treatment Aftercare & Family Support Services

Addiction Treatment Aftercare Support Services May Include:

  • Ongoing spiritual recovery support to help build a strong foundation for life-long recovery by way of practicing, internalizing and living by the new found spiritual precepts and recovery principles.
  • “Recovery/Family Aftercare” continued therapy, medical management services, referral services, etc.
  • Interweaving the client’s family dynamic in his or her personal life and recovery program in order to provide a bridge for healthy communication support and understanding with the family.
  • Aftercare and sober support services provide relapse prevention tools for our clients to use to process and discuss real-life issues as the they return to society, work, and life in general. More often than not there are still strained relations, and a great deal of healing that still needs to occur in those relationships. Resentments have caused many to relapse because we forget that we are partially if not more to blame for the trouble we have had in society and personal relationships. Having an understanding support group can help keep the individual focus on their primary purpose; sobriety, amends, and healthy responsible living.
  • Addiction treatment aftercare may help to develop a detailed and multifaceted addiction treatment aftercare plan that takes all aspects of ones life into account, such as; making a living/career, family, continuing education, health, etc.
  • Addiction treatment aftercare connects the client with highly regarded ongoing recovery services in their respective geographic area, such as, outpatient treatment, sober living homes, 12-step and non-12 step recovery groups, private therapy, etc. And more…

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