Addiction Intervention Help & Sober Coach Services

Addiction intervention help services at Life Springs are some of the best worldwide. An Intervention, sober coach, sober companion, life coach or sober travel companion, are quite often a lifeline for the chemically dependent person. Addiction intervention help providers are something quite special and hugely beneficial for many addicts and alcoholics, and their families. Sober companion and addiction intervention help professionals here at Life Springs Recovery Services Palm Springs CA, consist of some of the industry’s finest. Highly trained and highly experienced personnel that embody a quality which few do, and that is, “an unwavering dedication to the client’s greater good, no matter what.”

These sobriety companions provide a very targeted yet broad, and full scope of addiction recovery help on a 24/7 one-to-one basis.  Whether professional sober companion addiction intervention help guidance is required prior to the start of addiction treatment? After drug rehab and or dual diagnosis treatment? Or even for those having no intention of attending drug addiction treatment altogether? These renowned sober companion interventionists and Life Springs Recovery Services intervention outreach teams, are here to help. Addiction intervention help specialists are available from any location, Palm Springs, Los Angeles & Orange County, California and throughout the U.S. Our team of male and female sober companion intervention professionals and are able to travel the world at literally a moment’s notice!

 Intervention Addiction Help & Sober Coach Services

  • Addiction intervention help exists to  provide personal family or one-to-one based guidance. Intervention, sober coaching, case management, life coaching, etc. On a 100% fully customize-able program structure, taking into account each & every one of the client’s specific life issues and needs.
  • Sober companion/addiction intervention help offers guidance in introducing and fully integrating key recovery/sobriety components for the client’s new sober lifestyle.
  • Sober companion/addiction intervention help assists in navigating both, recovery and non-recovery based life matters such as; career guidance, financial & time management, relationship issues, family issues, education planning, addiction education, sponsorship guidance 12-step and non 12-step guidance, legal court problems, etc.
  • Sober companions/addiction intervention help at Life Springs is available full time, part time or situational, sober travel companion/accompaniment services are also available – local, domestic and international.
  • Addiction intervention help is available to provide assistance/guidance with respect to unique scenarios such as; medical detox, drug rehab referral services, concierge, holistic services, spiritual guides, sober personal trainers, private travel assistance, etc.
  • Addiction intervention help can also be about total continual addiction recovery case management, on an as needed basis, with respect to the client’s lifestyle, such as; therapy, medication management, 12 step group connection (worldwide), transportation arrangements, life skills growth assistance, daily transportation, etc.
  • And much more…

The purpose of using addiction intervention help and or sober companions, is not only to interrupt the addiction, but also to assist people of all ages in building healthier and fuller lives through intensive recovery support. Crisis intervention, relapse prevention, therapy, counseling, experiential & academic based education and so on. There are many, many potential scenarios in which one might require addiction intervention help or a personal sober companion. Interventionists and sober coach experts often make the difference in whether or not a person enters into recovery or remains sober. Whether the client is still involved in active addiction/alcoholism and requires addiction intervention help services, a sober coach/companion to assist on the path of recovery, or someone simply seeking added support as they transition from inpatient treatment help back into day-to-day living. Life Springs is here to help. We can help a client needing temporary sober support & guidance as they travel locally or internationally on a business or personal trip, or we can help full time live-in. Life Springs addiction intervention help services has the resources and staff on hand in order to meet the client’s precise needs and provide the right sober coaching or interventionist professional. Call Life Springs today at (800) 746-0937 to learn more.