Spiritual Addiction Treatment Program

Spiritual Addiction Treatment Program

Welcome to the spiritual addiction treatment program at Life Springs Recovery Services. We combine, spiritual principles, medical and mental health services, holistic and 12 step programs, and  for a complete mind, body and spirit program of recovery. By tailoring a physical, mental and spiritual wellness program unique to each individual, the results are prodigious. Besides the successful component of our spiritual addiction treatment program, we provide all addiction recovery programs in a loving and supportive residential recovery home, not institution. “Our primary purpose is to provide a safe, supportive and loving environment where those suffering from various forms of addiction, alcoholism and dual diagnosis disorders, can do the work to recover“. Drug addiction, alcoholism and associative mental health disorders, are only symptoms of a much deeper illness. The Life Springs Recovery Services spiritual growth program although faith based at heart, is not limited to any particular religion. Our spiritual addiction treatment program is all about helping our clients “face to be rid of” those things internally which are blocking them from the power to live that is and has always been deep down within them. In our spiritual addiction treatment program we understand that addiction and alcoholism is an illness rooted in “Lack of Power”, not lack of knowledge, love, or morals. Lacking the power to control and enjoy drinking and using. Lacking the power to decide whether or not to drink or use. Lacking the power to control ones emotional nature associated with the pain and suffering that comes from addiction, and other core issues. Lacking the power to live sober happily, freely etc. Basically lacking the power to live without the need for or the use of drugs, alcohol, gambling, or whatever it is that may be self destructive. The Life Springs Recovery Services spiritual addiction treatment program considers; If lack of power is the dilemma? Real lasting recovery must be about returning to or finding the “Power to Live” once the chemicals are removed? Without an effective spiritual addiction treatment program, recovery is precarious. Where and How does a chemically dependent person find the power to live joyously once the chemicals are removed? Spiritual recovery or our spiritual addiction treatment program is specifically designed to help our clients connect with or reconnect to that “Power”, by using simple spiritual tools, principles and lot’s of love and service. At Life Springs Recovery Services we realize that this is the way to establish a foundation for lasting recovery and to recreate ones life!

 Spiritual Addiction Treatment Program

The spiritual addiction treatment program at Life Springs Recovery Services combines multi-facets of medical, therapeutic, holistic, anonymous 12 step processes and christian faith based 12 step spiritual principles. This combination that treats the whole person, makes for a truly excellent recovery program.

“Our spiritual addiction treatment program is about loving and healing the sick and suffering person. We do not engage in any controversy regarding any religious worldview whatsoever. We support whatever a person is willing to believe. Our primary purpose is to provide and share all we can to help others recover and remain that way”.

The spiritual addiction treatment program at Life Springs Recovery Services is about encouraging each-other to realize there is more to “the Real Whole You” and life than your illness of addiction. Spiritual recovery is this and so much more, and it is this that lays the foundation for a joyous, quality recovered life! Shouldn’t you be living your life freely? Call and ask about our spiritual addiction treatment program today at (800) 746-0937.

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Palm Springs Drug Rehab – Client Testimonies

I have been dealing with alcoholism for may years and I come from a great family. I have had D.U.I's, embarrassed myself and family, over and over. Gone to treatment several times, always do good for while, then get drunk again. I heard it was an illness, but I didn't understand it. But the way Life Springs broke it down. I finally understand why I turn to alcohol for relief, from me. I have a certain condition that has to be treated. Thanks Life Springs Recovery Services, forever.

Valerie OVentura, CA

I didn't even know there were places like this to go to for recovery. Anyone seeking help with any type of addiction definitely needs to call Life Springs.

David DOxnard, CA

At first I thought why do I need to go so far away to get well. Then after experiencing the love, understanding and service I received at Life Springs, I understood. My family and I have been dealing with my meth and ice addiction for years. Now I have recovered! We just had a new baby, I just celebrated 2 years and I help a lot of men on our home island to recovery. How I can I ever thank Life Springs Recovery Services enough?

Dave O.Kauai, HI

My husband was done with me and so was I. Opiates were killing me, I never thought I was gonna recover. Several rehabs and constant relapse. Life Springs Recovery Services helped me understand I have an illness that is 3 fold in nature, the body, mind and spirit are all sick and all have to be treated forever, not just for 30 days. Now I understand. Thanks Life Springs Recovery Services, I am so grateful..

Karen ADana Point, CA - 2 years sober

I couldn't figure out why I always went back to drugs after a period of time sober? I'd go to treatment, do great, then go home, go to meetings, get a job, reassemble my life and family and then, I'd get high. Why? I learned that I have an illness that has to constantly be kept in check. I had resentments and fears that were driving my life. Because of Life Springs Recovery Services I learned that recovery is a life long process. Thanks Life Springs.

Heather TDallas, TX - 18 months clean
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