Treatment Services – Drug Addiction – Alcoholism – Dual Diagnosis

Successful lasting addiction treatment services, drug and alcohol recovery, and dual diagnosis disorder help in Southern California, begins here. Life Springs Recovery Services Palm Springs, CA. offers a drug addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis recovery program, that is second to none.  Most P.P.O. insurance policies are accepted, we are pet friendly, and couples are welcome. We offer a “one of a kind addiction treatment services center” that is one of the best at helping people recover from drug abuse, alcoholism and dual diagnosis disorders. Each client receives the very best personalized care possible. Why do we welcome pets, computers, personal effects etc? Because, people suffering from addiction have lost enough. What makes Life Springs Recovery Services addiction treatment and recovery program one of Southern California’s best personalized care addiction treatment centers? We treat the whole person and their family, not just the drug abuse symptoms. Our clients receive all of the dignity, love, personal care and respect they deserve. This makes our addiction treatment and recovery environments as close to homelike as they can be.

At Life Springs Recovery Services drug addiction, alcohol treatment and dual diagnosis recovery programs we realize that no two individuals, their addiction or their co-morbidity disorders are identical. Therefore, our addiction treatment and program philosophy is;  “Each individual must have a customized treatment and recovery plan that treats the, mind, the body and the spirit of that individual, in order to bring about lasting recovery”.

“Effective Low Cost Addiction Treatment Services and Recovery Programs”:

Alcoholism, drug addiction and co-morbidity disorders are deadly progressive illnesses that if improperly treated are fatal. Life Springs addiction treatment services in Palm Springs CA also provides intervention services for those who need them. Our addiction treatment services have been recognized throughout California. We have experience with CA Court and probation departments. We offer free legal liaison services for our clients facing criminal charges due to substance abuse or DUI. Life Springs addiction treatment services primary purpose; is to help others recover, and we can help most anyone in any scenario to recovery.

“Our addiction treatment services and programs are most effective working with those with whom other addiction treatment services for chemical dependency methods have failed”. Those who have chronic relapse history are different and they need a unique program of recovery. We are second to none at helping this type permanently recover!

Treatment Services – Drug Addiction – Alcoholism – Dual Diagnosis

This is a personalized care addiction treatment and recovery program. We tailor each person’s treatment plan and program to specifically to meet his or her needs. These plans are derived from  medical, psychiatric/mental health and personal historical assessments. This means we work for and with our clients, based on their experience and medical evaluations. One of the reasons Life Springs Recovery Services is so successful is, “we treat the whole person”. We use a variety of addiction treatment and recovery specialists, physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness components that have been on the mark effective at helping people recover for many decades. Our program is all about supporting our clients and their families into and on-through the entire process of recovery.

Anyone can recover! Call our addiction treatment and recovery services program today, we are here to help. Call Life Springs Recovery Services now for a free confidential assessment at (800) 746-0937 – 24/7.